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Boost Your Superpowers – 3 Best Healing Stones for Busy People

Crystals are ancient spiritual tools for healing with various physical and emotional benefits. But how to find the right one for you? Our founder Emma ascertained the most effective stones for busy people.

“Rubino!” she shouted with confidence. That’s how I found my very first favourite healing stone, the ruby.

My Italian friend had taken me to Rome’s most iconic and very much secret crystal laboratory and shop Cristalli Clara Merella, a spiritual heaven run by Fufi Sonnino, placed in the dark alleys of Furio Camillo. This shamanistic lady is known for her abilities to choose the perfect healing stone for you just by sensing the status of your energy. My autumn hadn’t been especially smooth and I desperately needed something guiding and energizing into my life.

For a stressed life balancer, like myself, there’s something really appealing in the crystal healing. Even though someone could think it’s a sign of mental laziness to outsource your stress, well... to a stone, crystal healing is actually an ancient method to get yourself earthed and calmed down. These stones are pretty much eternal, natural formations from the time the Earth was born, and that’s why there’s something really mystical about them (imagine the history they’ve witnessed).

We got to the bottom of modern-era stone healing and asked Minna Vähäsarja, a holistic lifestyle specialist, a burn-out survivor and the founder of online store Embrosé, to pick up 3 most effective crystals for busy people and how to use them.

How to choose the right one

Because each stone has different energies, it’s good to know which crystal is right for your specific personal needs. But how to know which one?

“Still a few years back I was living a really challenging period in my life. At that time I was still really sceptical and unconscious in many ways. I guess I was hoping for some sort of external miracle to happen in my life through the stones. Only later I learned that you cannot expect any kind of improvement, salvation, answers or solutions through external factors, such as stones, tarot cards or energy treatments. You need to find the truth within yourself. The stones are only tools or vessels in this process and they only help if you really believe in them and are ready to give up the control of your ego. The stones I keep coming back to are celestite, pyrite, tourmaline, amethyst and rose quartz (which is my eternal favourite and my very first healing stone). It’s impossible to know why some stones appeal to you at a certain moment. I believe it's about the energy you need at that moment – you're just drawn by the right one, and that stone you most likely need the most.”, Vähäsarja clarifies.

How to use them

The energy system of the stones is used by placing the crystals on and around the body. They can also be worn as a sacred amulet in everyday life: “Healing stones are used by listening to your own intuition. You can get started by placing them in your pocket and holding one in your hand whenever you notice you’re not being present in the moment. Personally I keep my stones always on display, on my bedside table and window sill. I do my own mini-rituals with meditation, smudging, writing and using tarot cards. Sometimes I practise a guided meditation or listen to binaural frequencies while holding the stones on hand or placing them on my forehead.”, Vähäsarja explains.

3 Best Healing Stones for Busy People


Black tourmaline protects against fears. It strengthens and enhances self-confidence.


Relaxing and calming stone which strengthens intuition.

Rose Quartz

The stone of leniency and unconditional love which brings self-accepting energy to difficult days.

Embrosé is a webstore sharing the message of self-care, harmony and slowing down in a hectic and performance-oriented society we live in.

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